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Well, no one’s read my last one yet, but so what, right? I’m doing this as much so that I don’t piss off my own friends as so that I don’t piss off the multi-headed mass, so if no one reads this, then again fine.

I do like Battlefield. Those new vehicles and stuff, those are awesome. But they shouldn’t be stupid enough to make fun of their parent game!

Ok, so I’m trying out this ‘blog’ thing, that I’ve recently found. Blogs, untill recently, haven’t made much sense to me (and no I’m not 70, I’m 14, so screw you mister ‘Old People Suck At Using Technology So All People Who Know Nothing About Technology Must Be Old!” Seriously, who uses that kind of logic, besides my 8-year-oldĀ Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog named Snowball. And just in case you’re planning something, if you make fun of the fact that I have a huge dog named Snowball I will go cap-locks all over your ass.)

Anyway, lately I’ve been writing, and playing, and crap, as always, and I played Battlefield Bad Company 2. It’s essentially a remake of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, but with vehicles and more weapons, which is good enough for me, normally. Unfortunately for them, thye decided to go ahead and make fun of CODMOD2. What, are they insane or something? So they’re going to copy a game, throw a few things in, and suddenly they’re ten times better at making games than Infinity Ward? Only one thing to say about that, and since the worst swear I’m going to say on here is ass, I can’t say it here.

Till Hell Freezes Over, Snowskeeper